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Top 4 BEST FREE APPS for Learning English

Top 4 BEST FREE APPS for Learning English

Hey everyone. Welcome back to all Indian creation. In this article, we’re gonna be talking about some of my favourite apps. Top 4 BEST FREE APPS for Learning English. They are in no particular order but I will be talking about why I like them and also why I don’t like them. Let’s start


I have a love-hate relationship with Duolingo, I do like it, it is free, you cannot complain when something is free, erm, however I do find that although I learn grammar and vocabulary and I can also practise my speaking as well with this, the Top 4 BEST FREE APPS for Learning Englishsentence that it generates are ones that are not gonna be really useful to me and sometimes the sentences. that it generates are a little bit creepy. For example, a couple of years ago I remember practising my Spanish with this app, I was sitting, just chilling, practising on Duolingo and it gave me the sentence “my dead parents are under the table” and “where are my dead parents?”.

This creeped me the hell out and I stopped using the app for quite a few years, so, hopefully, I will never have
to use these sentences. I now know them in Spanish in case I ever need to use them, but I hope to got that I never have to use these sentences. So sometimes they are a little bit creepy, erm, and they’re probably not very realistic, you’re probably really not gonna use them. However, I definitely say it’s one of the best free apps out there. Another one that’s very similar to Duolingo


I quite like Memrise. I find that the sentences are a lot more realistic. It teaches you vocabulary and grammar but itTop 4 BEST FREE APPS for Learning English
goes through proper phrases that you will actually say which makes this a little bit better than Duolingo. I must say that it does get a little bit repetitive and even a little bit boring sometimes so it’s not the most fun app to learn new vocabulary and grammar fun but it’s free. You can’t complain. So, I like it, I use it from time to time as well.

Helo Talk

Now this one is slightly different because it’s not necessarily a language-learning app, it’s more a place where you just go and you find someone to speak to who wants to exchange language with you so I went on there and I had a very mixed Top 4 BEST FREE APPS for Learning Englishexperience. I did find that, as a woman, I had a lot of messages from men sending me, not necessarily perverted messages but I don’t think they were on this app to practise their English. I think they were on this app to try and find a woman, and that’s not what I’m looking for. So, ladies, and gentlemen, do approach this app with caution because there are a couple of predators on there, however,

I did strike lucky and I did find someone to sit and practise my Spanish with. Unfortunately, we didn’t keep in contact but it was great to sit and find someone who I could practise my English with, no, I didn’t wanna practise my English, my Spanish. They practised their English, I practised my Spanish.

flashcard app

it’s Tinycards. It’s really cute. I really really like this one. Again, it’s completely free, I think as well it’s made by the same guys who did Duolingo, so it has that similar kind of style to it. But it’s really good. I like this one. I think as well, you can also create your own flashcards so imagine you’re reading a book or watching a TV series and you want a way to practise the vocabulary that you’re learning, you can download Tinycards, again it’s completely free, download that, put the words in there, and practise. Last but not least, my favourite one, Drops. This app is beautifully designed. Top 4 BEST FREE APPS for Learning English

I really really like this one. I play on this every single day, either when I just wake up or before I go to bed. It is free but you can pay to upgrade it, if you use the free version then there is a cap. So you have a certain time limit before you can use the app again, basically. But if you pay to upgrade it then you can remove that cap and you can play on it as much as you like. So, not good for grammar, it teaches no grammar, but it’s excellent for vocabulary, so it’s really good for me cause that’s what I look for in an app. I feel like I can study and practise the grammar elsewhere, and drops is a really nice little

supplement to that. So that’s it for this article, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments what your favourite app?

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