Home Indian The whole story of the first episode of House of Cards season 6

The whole story of the first episode of House of Cards season 6

The whole story of the first episode of House of Cards season 6

The whole story of the first episode of House of Cards season 6

The whole story of the first episode of House of Cards season 6

This episode starts with a childhood memory of Claire Underwood, The first female president. In this scene little Claire ( Ann Charles Sutton) running, wearing a white dress and carrying a cigar in her hand, then suddenly stops. The next scene is of Claire Underwood(Robin Wright), as a President of United States America. In this scene, Claire, Mark Usher( Campbell Scott) and one another man of authority were discussing a report which was as a warning for President Claire.

The Warner wrote in a report that Claire will be killed; Her whole body will cut into various peace for making a national  American flag, they described that her bodies flesh will use for white spaces and blood for red in an American flag. After it, Claire said that She was not only who has been facing problems, all late Presidents had faced such difficulties.

Further, She decided to send Military Soldiers to Syria on the battlefield. Then, Mark suggested her for not to go in a function of America’s Independence Day which was on tomorrow, but She said that She will surely go for it. Next scene is of inside the “White House”, Claire was walking in her residency (White House), suddenly she listened to thuds again and again; It comes from a wall behind a painting, She examines it and breaks wall a little bit with her hand.

There was a tiny and beautiful bird; Claire catches that bird and releases it outside the “White House“.Then, on the next day, Claire go to attend a party at her friend Annette Shepherd ‘s(Diane Lane) accommodation and there ,A little debate happened between Claire and her friend’s husband Bill Shepherd(Greg Kinnear)   about  Miss Gallagher, a general of American military, who stands in support of Claire and another discussion happened about an agreement which signed  by  Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey) with Bill Shepherd.

Then, she goes to a ceremony of  Independence Day of America. There, She gives an inspirational speech to soldiers of American Military and wishes Happy Independence Day to all officers. In this speech,  she shares about her husband’s death, her working for 100 days of her government; about Nancy  Gallagher (Military General) and so on. Next, she meets with military soldiers one by one and boosts their morale.

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When Claire was coming from this independence day’s function, Someone shoots on her car but security officers escape her. After this attack, she thinks about her a childhood incidence; in this occurrence, There were some boys in surrounding of Little Claire and one boy cut Claire’s dress with sharp caeser, then she runs away from there. At that time, she thinks that this attack is the sign of respect for her work for the last 100 days as a President.

In the next scene of this episode, Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) explains to Dr. Charles Rosen(Chip Zien)  about his relationship with Francis Underwood ( late President). Doug reveals about a letter which was given to him by Francis Underwood. He also tells that Francis Underwood was the first person who gave him the first job.

Inside the White House, Claire warns to Mark Usher About organizing government meeting without her in the White House. After it, She meets with Nathan Green(Jeremy Holm) and orders him to get information about that person who tried to shoot her. She does not want to hire an advocate or another person because she relies on Nathan.In the next scene, Claire speaks with Dr. Charles Rosen on phone and he gives information about a letter about which Doug said And then, Claire told him to know about that letter.

Further, Claire attends a phone call of her friend, Annette Shepherd.Next, she sees a ring on a bed in her bedroom and rapidly remembers about her childhood accident. In this memory, little Claire stood behind a large wooden door; one boy was apologizing for cutting her dress, but she quickly attacked that young boy with a big bamboo stick through a hole in that wooden gate in order to get revenge.Then in the last scene from inside the White House, President Claire Underwood wear  that ring and say some words,

                                                              “I know,

                                You want to know what really happened to him.

                                        A man like Francis doesn’t just die.

                                                       That would be…

                                                     What’s the word?



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