Home House of cards The Whole Story of the Fifth Episode of “House of Cards Season 6”

The Whole Story of the Fifth Episode of “House of Cards Season 6”

The Whole Story of the Fifth Episode of “House of Cards Season 6”

The Whole Story of the Fifth Episode of “House of Cards Season 6”

The Whole Story of the Fifth Episode of “House of Cards Season 6”

The first scene of this episode starts with an old memory of Claire. In this scene, one girl named Calonice comes where Claire was sat. Claire was inhaling cigar at that time. Calonice speaks her to go on the stage but Claire refuses it. Claire gives her dress to Calonice and then, she runs away. This scene has appeared as a dream of Claire because she was sleeping on a sofa.

A further scene is about an interview with Bill Shepherd. He speaks about the Russia Debacle and he tells his company can do better work than the American government. After this interview, everybody blames to President Claire that she cannot lead to American government and so on. Melody Cruz presents Claire’s old picture into which Claire was weeping. In the next scene, Claire starts to tell about this picture. She tells that there are many facts behind this picture

. She calls it a recipe which she had used on time when that photograph was clicked. She speaks that first, she thinks about all the ways in which men tried to manage her whole life; Secondly, she thinks about America’s worst fear a female in an oval office. Then, she puts glycerin in her eyes. Her face becomes exactly like that face which was in her old picture. He speaks that her biggest regret was  Francis Underwood. She lies back on a sofa.

Then, Mark and Kelsey come into the room of  President Claire. Mark tells her that he has made a short statement which she has to give in the Rose Garden. But Claire orders him for getting out. Then, Mark and Kelsey go away.

After this, Claire says She has a plan.In a further scene, Mark, Bill, and Annette were talking about President Claire. They were finding ways for defeating to Claire. Next, Claire speaks  Bill will think that Claire is upset. It appears that Claire is going to do something. Next, Doug Stamper was investigating Cathy’s death. after then, Fred sends a short piece of paper through a girl for. It might be a secret message for her.

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In a further scene,  Dr. Rosen comes back to his home in the darkness of night. He goes upstairs and there, Doug was sitting on a sofa. Dr. Rosen gets scared. Doug asks about something which may be Dr. Rosen have. But Doctor refuses it. Then, Doug hit him and warns him for not to calling to Claire. Next scene is about a conversation between Claire and  Jane. Claire asks from Jane that What will she have to do? Further, Claire was having soup in a kitchen. Mark comes and speaks to her that she has lost her cabinet, authority and so on.

In the next scene, Tom Hammerschmidt was asking questions from an arrested person about Rachel Posner.  Tom asks from him about Doug as well. Next, Doug comes back in the White House. He tells Claire that Cathy Durant is may alive. Then, Claire speaks him that Francis was on flour after his death but she told to everyone that Francis was in her bed at his death.

When Duncan returns back to the Shepherds, Bill is furious and basically calls him dumber than everything in the room. Annette then finds out about the truth bomb Claire dropped on him. Enraged she vows to leak that Claire had an abortion at 16 weeks, while married to Frank. Elsewhere, Jane has just finished getting it on with Nasser (ISO’s lawyer), when Jane is kidnapped by two women and brought to Saudi Arabia.

Of course, Claire is behind this. She will let Jane go only if she reveals when her current cabinet plans to enact the 25th Amendment to remove Claire from office. Just as the entire cabinet (of men) sign the letter, Claire fires every last one of them. Annette comes to the White House soon after to let Claire know she’s about to be toast, but just before she leaves, Claire opens the door to her new, ALL FEMALE cabinet, leaving her stunned.

Lastly, Claire gets ahold of a video of Cathy saying Claire deserves to be punished for r transgressions. But we don’t know who else has seen the video yet. Is this the big “Gotcha!” Cathy had up her sleeve? She’ll have to do better than that

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