Home Technology What Is Sway App:8 Extraordinary Feature You Need to Know

What Is Sway App:8 Extraordinary Feature You Need to Know

What Is Sway App:8 Extraordinary Feature You Need to Know


Microsoft office designed a new app that makes it extremely effortless to share and create Interactive reports, stories, presentations, documents, and so on. Although it is an alternative to Powerpoint, it is relatively new and works smoothly rather than older apps.

If you work on sway, you can do your work according to your imagination and unique style because it has an in-built design engine. Like other older apps, it does not have design templates that create your presentations or stories that look similar to other one’s own.

Sway app is the best option for adding and formatting content because it doesn’t consume more time, and you can also customize your layout according to your preference. It is free to use for anyone with a Microsoft account such as Hotmail, Live, or outlook.com.


Audio recording

Sway app has an amazing feature that is an audio recording that can enhance your presentation to be more engaging and impressive. If your system assists the microphone, then you can record your voice while you are working on this application. It is quite an effective and advanced feature of presenting your ideas to others.

To record audio, you can follow these steps:-

  1. Firstly, sign in to the app, then click cards on the menu bar.
  2. Then, in your sway, add the audio card.
  3. After that, click record on the audio card to start recording.
  4. After three seconds, a flashing button will appear, which means your recording starts.
  5. Moving to the next step when you complete your recording, click on the flashing button, and it’s done.
  6. lastly, whether click the play button to see your previous recording and add it to sway if you are satisfied or click re-record if you are not satisfied.

Accessibility view

This is another fantastic feature. If you are a screen reader, then you experience comfortable reading, support keyboard navigation, and disable any animations while working on this app.

Well, when you turn on the accessibility view, you find incredible features.

  • This feature helps you to load the whole content into memory.it means assistive technology has access to take over all of your content and arrange jump locations( for illustration, direct jump to the next heading
  • Due to this feature, the real content changes to black and white to smother easy reading and higher contrast for text reading.
  • With the vertical scrolling mode, you can navigate the sway quite easily .either you can use the system keyboard or assistive technology.
  • You can vertically change the layout for an active reader to properly focus on one part of the main content at a time.
  • It helps to remove grids and stacks that provide the reader with easier or bigger space for content.
  • This feature also helps to eliminate the excessive animation, which creates a distraction to the reader.

Navigation view

With the help of navigation, view reading becomes easier to navigate. This feature gives a clear-cut view of content.

While you click on the bottom right corner of the navigation icon, it fades the background, which means navigation view mode appears. You can exchange or move between different content sections in simple words; You can directly jump from one presentation to another.

Closed captioning

Another unique feature is closed captioning; if you are an office 365 user, then with this, you can upload video files with audio files or record from their local drive to one drive for business.

Firstly, add a new video in your sway, either uploading or recording the content or adding text from one drive to one drive for business.

Then using the detail button, enlarge it next, click on the closed caption button, and select the .vtt format closed caption file. If you see the file with the cc symbol, it depicts the closed caption is on. 

As a media player, with this amazing feature now, you can easily adjust the language of narration and caption look in the player.


Another amazing and interesting feature is autoplay; with this, you can put all your slides in the correct order and all these playing independently. You can arrange all slides and pages in a loop with this feature.

Viewer count

There is an interesting feature named viewer count, which helps you to show how many people looked at your file or presentation. Although it totally depends on your privacy setting with whom you want to share your file or not. If your sway file shows ‘no data,’ then it means no one has seen your presentation until the publication date.

Security and Privacy

Although technology spreads its legs into every nook and corner, the main concern is about privacy and security. Because of sway users, you can secure or lock your documents and files using the password. It means all your files, documents, personal details will remain safe and secure.

In addition to it, the sway app added a paid feature in which you can show your presentation live or upload it on a public platform.

Cross-platform compatibility

Last but not least, an important feature is a cross-platform compatibility which allows you to work across different platforms. With the help of most popular platforms such as windows and apple, you can only download the software as an application, which means you need not access computer access.


For iPhone ,iPad


For window 10


For android



Q1. what is a sway app?

Microsoft designed a new app that makes it easy to create and share interactive reports, documents, and presentations. You can style your text according to your choice and share sensitive documents with others along with security and privacy settings.

Q2. Can I delete Microsoft sway?

Yes, you can go to my sway page, then on the top right corner, click on three dots. You can see a trash icon and click on it for deleting sway.

Q3. How is the sway app different from PowerPoint?

Although both belong to the Microsoft family, sway has a unique and modern feature instead of PowerPoint.For example, PowerPoint is a desktop application that is required to be installed first in pc to work; however, sway is an online application.

Q4. Is there a sway desktop app?

Yes, you can find a sway app in the Microsoft store for window 10.


Overall, a sway app newly designed by Microsoft .it has an effective and modern feature that makes your presentation more impressive. Microsoft provides many templates for common presentations; if you want to get more information about this app, comment in the below section.



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