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Coronavirus Live Updates: भारत में कोरोना से पहली मौत, पुणे में एक मामले के साथ 75 केस कन्फर्म


कोरोना वायरस ने पूरे देश में कोहराम मचा रखा हैं. कोरोना के मामले लगातार बढ़ते जा रहे हैं. कर्नाटक में कोरोना से पहली मौत हो गई है. वहीं, पिछले 24 घंटे के अंदर कोरोना के 15 मरीज सामने आ चुके हैं और आंकड़ा 75 तक पहुंच गया है. वहीं, पूरे विश्व में 1,34,679 लोग संक्रमित हैं और 4900 से ज्यादा लोगों की मौत हो गई है. WHO के मुताबिक गुरुवार को 24 घंटे में पूरी दुनिया में 321 लोगों की मौत हो गई.

कोरोना वायरस ने पूरे देश में कोहराम मचा रखा हैं. कोरोना के मामले लगातार बढ़ते जा रहे हैं. कर्नाटक में कोरोना से पहली मौत हो गई है. वहीं, पिछले 24 घंटे के अंदर कोरोना के 15 मरीज सामने आ चुके हैं और आंकड़ा 75 तक पहुंच गया है. वहीं, पूरे विश्व में 1,34,679 लोग संक्रमित हैं और 4900 से ज्यादा लोगों की मौत हो गई है. WHO के मुताबिक गुरुवार को 24 घंटे में पूरी दुनिया में 321 लोगों की मौत हो गई.

कनाडाई पीएम की पत्नी भी कोरोना की मरीज, ट्रंप बोले- हाथ जोड़िए कनाडा के प्रधानमंत्री जस्टिन ट्रूडो की पत्नी कोरोना वायरस पॉजिटिव पाई गई हैं. वहीं, अमेरिकी राष्ट्रपति डोनाल्ड ट्रंप ने कहा कि हमने (ट्रंप और आयरलैंड के प्रधानमंत्री) आज हाथ नहीं मिलाया. हमने एक-दूसरे की तरफ देखा और कहा कि हम क्या करने वाले हैं? एक अजीब सा अहसास था. हमने ऐसे किया (हाथ जोड़े) मैं अभी भारत से वापस आया हूं और मैंने वहां हाथ नहीं मिलाया था. हाथ जोड़ना आसान था.

4 Futuristic Cars You Never Know Existed


Today Our Article all about 5 Futuristic Cars You Never Know Existed At some point, we’ve all likely grown bored with our daily driver vehicles. Most cars are designed to be a little more than a basic means of transportation with very few impressive features however in recent years many automotive manufacturers have worked diligently to design cars that will blow you away many of which you likely never knew existed

Welcome to All Indian Creation

 Mercedes-Benz vision AV TR 

our Vision a BTR is a name given to a concept car that was developed by Mercedes-Benz in response to the hit film avatar Mercedes also says that the name is an abbreviation for advanced vehicle transformation as this car is the living embodiment of what cars of the future may look like and how their looks could Transform in the years to come to this car is said to be completely silent and is virtually no emissions that could harm the environment.

It operated with 4 individual motors that are attached to each wheel and is powered by a massive 350-kilowatt battery that aims to set a new standard for range and performance in an automobile the car offers Unsurpassed driving response and dynamics with each wheels motor being able to adjust its power and torque on-the-fly to provide the best performance possible. This also means that the car is capable of gripping almost any terrain For that struggle as it offers a digital equivalent of an LS D.

Differential without the bulk weight or maintenance associated with one the battery of this car was designed with the environment in mind sourcing materials from natural sources when possible. Mercedes says the battery is graphene-based and offers completely organic cells that redefine electric automotive batteries the components are completely recyclable and offer little to no negative impact on the environment. The company also claims that efficiency was key when designing this vehicle.

Ensuring that the vehicle has the longest range of any electric car and is wasting as little energy as possible during normal operation the seats are designed with color-changing fabric that can adjust to your surroundings as well as a dashboard that does the same it offers a vehicle wide screen that blends into the side panels and doors the VTR doesn’t even have a steering wheel instead It is intelligently controlled by GPS computers and a selector switch located in the center of the car. There’s no mention of how much this car will cost or if it will ever make it to a retail market. But it is certainly one of the coolest concept cars we have ever seen

light-year one

Light year one as a company and car concept idea that aims to combat Tesla and make a major impact in the electric car market. This vehicle claims to be always charging and offers the longest range and highest Sustainability of any electric car ever produced due to the solar panels located on the roof and hood that constantly recharge the car’s battery. This car was designed from the ground up to be the most efficient car ever made and to shift a consumer’s perspective on what electric cars can be this car offers a range of over 450 miles but is constantly recharging itself the true distance of your journey is virtually limitless.

The car takes advantage of every single ray of sunshine and every Joule possible to provide users with the longest drive time imaginable rather than being an automotive manufacturer Lightyear claims to be a tech company whose sole purpose is to provide users with clean mobility Reserves are available now with the Pioneer edition of the car being available to the first 100 purchasers. a car can be reserved for a low price of one hundred nineteen thousand dollars with the standard purchase price being one hundred and forty-nine thousand dollars

Lightyear certainly won’t be competing with Tesla any day soon with a price tag So astronomically high but the car is a great concept Hopefully, they can reduce the pricing in the future so that this vehicle can be available for the average consumer.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow

the Vision EQ Silver Arrow is another concept vehicle designed by Mercedes though It is not intended for public release instead it is a show car that can see just one occupant closely resembling the W12 five-car from the 1930s the press release states that Mercedes claimed its spot in being the pioneer of speed over 80 years ago with the release of the revolutionary Silver Arrow.the car was known not only for its incredible speed but also for its show-stopping shape and design the vision EQ is meant to be A derivative of the original Silver Arrow honing in on the Silver Arrows legacy and improving its speed shape in overall performance.

This new vehicle was designed for optimal driving pleasure in acceleration speed. Mercedes says that it embodies the very essence of luxury and future insight in design. The company says that the car is the driving force behind many car shows and is the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to automotive design the company website says that the EQ brand of cars is shaped by avant-garde and the distinct look of progressive luxury the car captures previously unknown beauty and is the perfect blend of digital and analog elements combined into one intuitive design.


The DSXE-Tense is another concept vehicle that is unlikely to ever make it to the mass market. The website claims the car is light as a feather Silent as a breeze forged by its creator’s vision for people that are hooked into cars The car was designed as if it was to be released in the year 2035 and that certainly shows this vehicle looks like something straight out of Tron and its three-seat design is nothing to scoff at the Car was designed to let the driver decide the style of driving and performance on the fly With the car dramatically changing its ride with the push of a button

The designers claimed that the car would be able to return to its original shape and form after a collision With the front grille adjusting itself to match the driver’s demands for cooling. The passenger side of the vehicle is completely enclosed while the driver’s portion of the cab is open like a convertible the car has space for Just to passengers which would be closely nestled together in the passenger compartment. The car features massaging seats for passengers in a silent ride.

So that conversations can be had without issue passengers can even ride to their destination without the assistance of a driver as the car is capable of being fully autonomous as Expected pricing for this vehicle would be unreal if it were to be released today The production costs alone would reach well into the millions of dollars. It’s safe to say that this vehicle will likely never see the light of day, but it is certainly an interesting design

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9 smart Tech GADGETS & INVENTIONS 2020


Technology is constantly advancing and it can be difficult to keep up with all 9 smart Tech GADGETS & INVENTIONS 2020 However, we’ve compiled a great list of some of the best tech gadgets available in 2020. Welcome to all Indian creation But before we begin, don’t forget to share this article.


Samsung has released an all-new input method for its smartphone devices at CES known as selfie type. the technology was designed by Samsung cielab and was created by a virtual keyboard that is built on artificial intelligence an image recognition Samsung plans to add the technology to future Galaxy model smartphones But the idea is still developing at the moment the idea behind the product is to create a virtual keyboard on the surface of any desk and uses the users front-facing camera to determine that the user is typing this information is then relayed wirelessly to the smartphone and Interpreted by the software then translate it to on-screen keystrokes.

There are no additional Hardware elements required as all of the technology will be built directly into the phone It is estimated that this technology will only be available on flagship devices, but it will certainly be an excellent selling point for consumers

smart cap

the smart cap is a revolutionary new technology that will soon find its way into classrooms in meeting offices all across the country. This is a dry erase board that can capture your writing digitally and send it to your computer or smart device wirelessly without any additional input required. All you need to do is pair your device to the whiteboard and begin writing If you decide to erase some marking from the board. The marking will be erased from the digital version as well. The implications that this device has for schooling are unprecedented.

For children or college students who are out sick or unable to make classes being able to forward notes to them in a digital format Could be life-saving for some students Sessions can even be saved for sharing at a later date or saved for on-screen review later on in the semester. The possibilities are endless There is no word about how much the device will cost but it is expected to be available to schools and consumers quite soon.


Preveli claims to be the world’s most powerful convertible private screen.This product is an elegantly designed monitor that can be folded.Stored and taken with you wherever you go It offers a built-in stand that can be adjusted for various viewing angles and is available in several colors The monitor is capable of producing 4k UHD images that are excellent for use with high-end gaming or simple web browsing It is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, meaning that you can even pair the screen to your tablet or smartphone for true mobile viewing

The company also claims that gaming systems such as the Nintendo switch ps4 and Xbox can be paired to the device as well Which could be perfect for kids on long car rides or vacations a leather case is included with the purchase So that you can rest assured knowing that your screen will always be properly protected Preveli recently launched on IndieGoGo, but there have yet to be any backers of the project the company is asking for a small goal of $5,000 to get the device into production with 13-inch units costing around two hundred and twenty-nine dollars for early adopters this is a 54% discount from the expected retail price a true bargain when you consider all the things this device is capable off

Mosta box

The master box claims to be the world’s first fillet controller gadget. They hit the market This is a Bluetooth enabled device that allows visitors to level up while at work or play The product first launched a Kickstarter word exceeded its $30,000 goal by over $10,000 It has since been featured on several websites blocks and news broadcasts across the country and is taking the world by storm The design of the device is nothing new as it follows the basic schematic of a fidgets cube, However, it has been fitted with electronic controls that allow it to be used as a game controller a mouse a presentation clicker

And so much more the buttons can be mapped for several different functions using computer software Making this the perfect gift for any gamer or avid computer user Devices are just $35 each for Kickstarter supporters and can be shipped anywhere in the world This is a device that truly knows no bounds. It can be used for a wide variety of different applications Asians Masterbox can even be paired with certain Android devices though. It is most well suited for PC. Use these gadgets are selling quickly So be sure to check out the Kickstarter page before they’re gone

Dell duet laptop

Dell recently unveiled several new laptops for its lineup of personal computers One of these laptops is particularly interesting known as the Dell duet This is an oversized computer that is meant to be a direct competitor to the surface neo which currently has most of the market share The laptop is a dual-screen computer made up of two individual 13-inch displays The laptop is designed to be used as a tablet and much of its functionality is based around gestures and pen interactions

There’s been very little information released about the computer, but it certainly seems to be a promising concept there have also been no updates regarding how much the laptop will cost but it likely won’t be cheap a Laptop with such a high-quality display is going to be expensive already But when you add a second display to the mix this machine is going to be pricey Stay tuned for updates regarding this laptop as it is expected to launch sometime in 2020


HUSH me is a new device that claims to protect your privacy and reduce noise pollution while taking important phone calls It helps the user to have easier phone conversations when in a public setting and claims to be the world’s first voice mask for smartphones.The device works by blocking your voice from being heard by those around you But still providing excellent sound quality to the individual you are speaking to on the phone its functionality is certainly bizarre But the company claims that it works quite well Push me can be pre-ordered right now on IndieGoGo with units costing around one hundred and eighty-nine dollars

cyber clean

cyber clean is a new type of cleaning product that aims to clean your tech devices Such as your smartphone the buttons in your car and even your keyboard the product is visually a giant ball of slime but it holds together quite well and meant to wedge itself into the many crevices of your Devices to clean the seams and buttons without tons of effort cyber clean has excellent reviews on Amazon It can be purchased for just eight dollars and fifty cents with free prime shipping


It is the world’s first writing and erasing robotic device the device only requires two nails and a wall outlet to be installed and it can then be equipped with markers to accurately recreate the Image that you programmed to it. It can be fitted with four different color combinations and will draw on virtually any hard surface This device has tons of practical uses From drawing artwork on a wall that can then be painted too drunk company logos in the foyer of an important office building

this device Takes the hard work out of image processing and can be much cheaper than hiring a professional painter to illustrate the walls of your building with a price tag of $499 it would be difficult to find a cheaper alternative Especially considering the expensive later rates of artists these days

air Deck

3.0 air Deck 3.0 is a company that designs playing cards that you may have seen recently in big-box bookstores The cards are designed to be used on the go and are waterproof Compact and lightweight. Best of all they are extremely cheap with some decks only costing around $5 each The company’s goal is to design the ultimate cards for travel and they have already found over 37,000 backers on Kickstarter. The company is based in Hong Kong So orders will take quite some time to arrive if you are ordering from another country However, this is one of the coolest ideas

We’ve seen so far at a price that virtually anyone could afford The company even offers free shipping if you order three or more decks of cards.

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Windows 7 is officially dead no longer be receiving any security updates

5 Amazing things Of Exotic Science Materials


Hello Guys, Welcome Back To our Web Page And Today,s Our Article on those 5 Amazing things Of Exotic Science Materials. Let’s Get Started

Thermochromic paint

Thermochromic Paint is Different from Normal Car Paint. This Paint is made From thermochromic Material. That Material has to make a seriously Amazing Paint from Normal Car Paint. Even though this paint looks normal but Whenever the temperature of this paint goes beyond 30 degrees Or hot water is poured over it So this paint changes its color and the design that is made on this is seen. As soon as the temperature of this color falls below 30 degrees, then its color changes.


This metal made of nickel and titanium is a very rare and strange metal. It’s strange that even when we bend or straighten anything made of Nitinol, it easily turns or becomes straight. But when Nitinol is heated to 75 degrees or put in hot water, it comes back to the previous shape. No matter how much you turn nitinol after heating, it definitely comes in its previous shape. This is called metal memory. This is because whenever anything is made from nitinol and metal, it is heated to 500 degrees. After which it is shaped. So even when nitinol is heated to less than 500 degrees, it takes its former shape, which is quite strange to see.

Non-Newtonian fluid

This material made of cornstarch and water is very strange, which when applied on hand, feels like liquid. But if you punch too hard on it, it turns into something solid like a bead rubber. It is so strong that you can even jump on it. But your feet will not go inside it. But if you stand gently on this fluid, then you will go into it. Many people are stunned by this strange particular of this fluid

Nano coating Material

It is a very different kind of coating material. In the process of this coating, anything is covered with anything thin paint, polish or anything else. Nano coating is a transparent and thin coating which is not visible even after applying to the car or anything else. Cheeses also become waterproof. In many places, it is used to water mobile phones.

Nitrogen triiodide

This material made of iodine and ammonia is very strange and dangerous. iodine and ammonia are not so dangerous but when these two are mixed, then Nitrogen triiodide is formed, which can cause a huge explosion even if it is lightly touched, it is also a dangerous feature of this strange material that if this chemical Light should be killed at the top. Even then it makes a big bang. When he himself is fatal. A scientist lost two fingers and an eye during an experiment with Nitrogen triiodide. So if you get close to this thing, then go with a lot of thinking because if going near it means to feast on the dead.

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ClubFactory is a cheat Factory Its Not Working For earn Money


Hello Friends,Today’s Article Is All About Club-Factory . It is a Cheat Factory,do Not Use For Earn Money via Invite code. Its Not Working For Earn money.They Are only  Doing  Fraud With Us. I know You Will get angry on me After Reading This Article. In My Old Article I was publish about How Can shopping With Only One Rupees,that article was in Hindi language and In that post,I written Very Well for Club Factory . but Some Time They given us bad service  so Lets Talk all about it

What Is ClubFactory ?

ClubFactory is online shopping application.club factory owner name is Vincent Lou and he is from china. clubfactory is work like a Turtle Club Factory is a cheat Factory Its Not Working For earn Moneywalk.They give us too much less on every product but all product are made in china. quality is bad,no correct delivery time

clubfactory rating

Rating in play store 5 into 4 rating. it means according to play store this app is best but for us very bad.

Spin Wheel And Win prizes

In New Update,club-Factory is almost change.one of the option is spin wheel and win prizes.in this option you can win phones but its all around fraud.they given only coupon code after when we did spin wheel in club factory

Slash it option In Clubfactory

slash it option means according to club factory example if we want win free product then slash it option better but it is  also not good first if we want to win good product then send product link  via whats-app to our contacts when if they slash it then clubfactory select one who will win get product and other  people not win any product. it will over after required users

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Top 4 BEST FREE APPS for Learning English

Hey everyone. Welcome back to all Indian creation. In this article, we’re gonna be talking about some of my favourite apps. Top 4 BEST FREE APPS for Learning English. They are in no particular order but I will be talking about why I like them and also why I don’t like them. Let’s start


I have a love-hate relationship with Duolingo, I do like it, it is free, you cannot complain when something is free, erm, however I do find that although I learn grammar and vocabulary and I can also practise my speaking as well with this, the Top 4 BEST FREE APPS for Learning Englishsentence that it generates are ones that are not gonna be really useful to me and sometimes the sentences. that it generates are a little bit creepy. For example, a couple of years ago I remember practising my Spanish with this app, I was sitting, just chilling, practising on Duolingo and it gave me the sentence “my dead parents are under the table” and “where are my dead parents?”.

This creeped me the hell out and I stopped using the app for quite a few years, so, hopefully, I will never have
to use these sentences. I now know them in Spanish in case I ever need to use them, but I hope to got that I never have to use these sentences. So sometimes they are a little bit creepy, erm, and they’re probably not very realistic, you’re probably really not gonna use them. However, I definitely say it’s one of the best free apps out there. Another one that’s very similar to Duolingo


I quite like Memrise. I find that the sentences are a lot more realistic. It teaches you vocabulary and grammar but itTop 4 BEST FREE APPS for Learning English
goes through proper phrases that you will actually say which makes this a little bit better than Duolingo. I must say that it does get a little bit repetitive and even a little bit boring sometimes so it’s not the most fun app to learn new vocabulary and grammar fun but it’s free. You can’t complain. So, I like it, I use it from time to time as well.

Helo Talk

Now this one is slightly different because it’s not necessarily a language-learning app, it’s more a place where you just go and you find someone to speak to who wants to exchange language with you so I went on there and I had a very mixed Top 4 BEST FREE APPS for Learning Englishexperience. I did find that, as a woman, I had a lot of messages from men sending me, not necessarily perverted messages but I don’t think they were on this app to practise their English. I think they were on this app to try and find a woman, and that’s not what I’m looking for. So, ladies, and gentlemen, do approach this app with caution because there are a couple of predators on there, however,

I did strike lucky and I did find someone to sit and practise my Spanish with. Unfortunately, we didn’t keep in contact but it was great to sit and find someone who I could practise my English with, no, I didn’t wanna practise my English, my Spanish. They practised their English, I practised my Spanish.

flashcard app

it’s Tinycards. It’s really cute. I really really like this one. Again, it’s completely free, I think as well it’s made by the same guys who did Duolingo, so it has that similar kind of style to it. But it’s really good. I like this one. I think as well, you can also create your own flashcards so imagine you’re reading a book or watching a TV series and you want a way to practise the vocabulary that you’re learning, you can download Tinycards, again it’s completely free, download that, put the words in there, and practise. Last but not least, my favourite one, Drops. This app is beautifully designed. Top 4 BEST FREE APPS for Learning English

I really really like this one. I play on this every single day, either when I just wake up or before I go to bed. It is free but you can pay to upgrade it, if you use the free version then there is a cap. So you have a certain time limit before you can use the app again, basically. But if you pay to upgrade it then you can remove that cap and you can play on it as much as you like. So, not good for grammar, it teaches no grammar, but it’s excellent for vocabulary, so it’s really good for me cause that’s what I look for in an app. I feel like I can study and practise the grammar elsewhere, and drops is a really nice little

supplement to that. So that’s it for this article, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments what your favourite app?

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Windows 7 is officially dead “no longer be receiving any security updates


Well, I’ve got very bad news 🙁  For those of you who are part of the Windows 7 master race. Which according to my Google Analytics on my channel is about 30% of you? Unfortunately, the time has come where you must upgrade to Windows 10 And I know look it’s bad news Windows 7 was a great operating system. But as of January 14, 2020, of this year, Windows 7 has now reached its end of life. So this basically means that Windows 7 is officially dead. It will no longer be receiving any security updates going forward.

So it is now considered an insecure operating system. If you’re still using Windows 7 you might have even seen a full-screen pop-up telling you that the operating system is out of support and you need to upgrade and for you holdouts. This should not be a surprise Windows 7 is a 10-year-old operating system now. It was released in 2009 and believe it or not. It officially ended its mainstream support in 2015 and that’s when they stopped adding features. So there were no new features added since 2015 and even until now it was in the extended support phase.

Despite that though. It’s still extremely popular one of the most popular operating systems being used according to a website StatCounter in December 2019 Windows 7 had a share of about 25 percent more than that of all Windows devices on the internet now. Obviously, if you keep using your windows 7 device, it will still work. Nothing is gonna break, but it is just way more insecure. It’s not worth using anymore and I’ll get to why that is in a minute however If you are going to be extremely stubborn and you are absolutely certain you need to keep using Windows 7 and you’re willing to actually pay for it

You do have one option which is windows 7 extended security updates aka ESU this is a paid service.offered by Microsoft mainly designed for organizations, who are Really stubborn and take a long time to switch over and upgrade operating systems. It’s designed to give them about three more years of security updates for Windows 7 so that they have time to transition.but it is not free and it’s designed to increase in cost over time to make it more and more worth of grade and Less and less worth it to stay stubborn and stay on Windows 7.

So this extended security updates service II is only available for windows 7 professional and enterprise licenses and you kinda have to jump through a lot of hoops to get it.I’ll to explain that in a second and it also costs money. So for example, it’s fifty dollars for the first year. then it doubles the second year at $100 and then doubles again to $200 for the third year and then you can’t even get it beyond that and by the way that is per device and like I mentioned you kinda have to jump through

hoops to get this you can’t just go on Microsoft website and Buy it and add it to your cart and get this extended security updates. You have to go through what is called cloud solution providers with Microsoft’s third-party Provider resellers of Microsoft services. They do have a website where you can search for different third-party companies, but you’ll basically have to go on their website or even call them up and basically have them create an account for you and go through this separate company and I’ve done this for Windows 10 to get an enterprise key on my computer.

It’s a pain. It’s not really worth it. It’s very janky. This is designed for enterprise not really for individual people so you can do it. if you go through one of these cloud service providers third-party partners of Microsoft, but again, It’s kind of a pain now. You might be thinking. Well, I’m not gonna upgrade to Windows 10 you have to pay for that. It’s like $100 for a key for Windows 10. I don’t want to do that and that’s fair enough. But here’s the thing you don’t have to pay you can still get a free upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 if you have a legitimate

Windows 7 key

All you have to do is go to the Microsoft website and go to the page where you download the Windows 10 installation. Media tool and I’ll put that link in the description for where you can find this page and then when you download it you run it .it’ll ask you if you want to do an upgrade or a fresh install you want to do an upgrade if you do a fresh install you will need a Windows 10 key, but if you do an upgrade, you’ll apparently just be able to put in your windows 7 key and it’ll upgrade you that way and when you use this tool to run the upgrade.Windows 7 is officially dead

It’ll ask you if you want to like to keep files so you can have it. Keep all your files and information. Obviously, if you’re doing an in-place upgrade, but of course always do a backup of all your important files put on an external hard drive Put on a thumb drive anything. Important just in case and of course make sure you have access to your legitimate Windows 7 key before you go through and do this so that usually if it’s a Pre-bought computer. It’ll like to be on the side of the computer on the back. Now you might be thinking well, why even bother to upgrade my computer’s still gonna work?

I don’t want to go through all this trouble I like Windows 7. I hate windows 10. Here’s a thing while you’re not gonna get hacked and get a virus one day after Windows 7 end of life ends. You will become more and more vulnerable as more and more. Exploits are discovered with Windows 7 and are not patched and in a lot of these cases if an exploit is discovered. It’s not like it’s a virus where an antivirus can help you if it’s an actual exploit in the operating system. Then and I antivirus is not gonna help you. You’re still gonna be vulnerable. Here’s another big thing to remember.

Is that because so many computers are still using Windows 7? I mean 25 percent of Windows computers on the internet are still using Windows 7. That is a massive The incentive for hackers to start developing and finding new exploits because they know at this point .if they find something that they can exploit on 25% of computers and not have to risk it being patched by Microsoft that is a huge incentive and I would not even be surprised if a lot of Hacking groups security agencies from governments have known about a lot of exploits have been saving them up to use them after Windows 7 end-of-life.

This occurs so that they can use these exploits and then not have to worry about it being patched. so you might actually see a lot of new exploits pop up and being used against you that you don’t even know about and because Keeping your operating system up to date is so objectively important to computer security. Hackers are going to know that if someone is using Windows 7 still that means that they are probably not a very tech-savvy

Person and that they are a prime ripe target for hacking. So you’re just putting a massive target on your back Demonstrating your tech illiteracy by saying you know what I don’t even care. I don’t even know what these problems are that people are telling me. I don’t even care I’m just gonna keep using Windows 7 and hackers are just like licking their chops. They’re like, yes, I’ve been waiting for this day. They have been waiting for this day quite literally now one thing to keep in mind is if you’re going to upgrade don’t even bother

Going to Windows 8 just go straight to Windows 10. That’s because Windows 8 end-of-life is just a few years away in January 2023. so clearly if you’re someone who uses operating systems for a very long time without upgrading, Then you don’t want to have to do this again in just three years and actually Windows 8 ended mainstream support already. So it’s already not getting any new features. Whereas Windows 10 is another good thing about Windows 10 is unlike previous major versions of Windows

Microsoft has been upgrading incrementally like very modular. So instead of doing a major upgrade every five years or whatever and you have to reinstall windows do a huge upgrade., they just do a semi-major release every six months or so and then that major update version goes End-of-life after 18 months, but it’s very easy to install these new versions every six months.so you really don’t have to worry about that and it Automatically updates and it’s gonna actually force you every 18 months to upgrade if you’re still in end-of-life.

Version unless you’re using Windows 10 Pro or something like that And if you are someone who absolutely despises Windows updates, I don’t blame you I actually delay windows feature updates on my computer running Windows 10 for at least a couple months. I would recommend just paying up a little bit extra money and getting Windows 10 Pro key and For that, you are able to separately delay Windows 10 feature updates and security updates. So I get my security updates right away and I delay the feature updates which often do have bugs in them.

So I don’t have to worry about that and they install after all the kinks have been ironed out. So that’s a good compromise. If you want to not have to worry about feature updates, then you can delay them if you have Windows 10 problems. So at this point, most of you are already probably made your decision Anyway, whether you’re still gonna be stubborn, whatever that’s your prerogative or you’re gonna just bite the bullet and upgrade.

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Today, We Will talk about those 8 AWESOME NEW GADGETS AND INVENTIONS 2020

New gadgets and inventions are released all the time and it can be a bit difficult to keep up to date with all of The latest technology, we’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest new tech gadgets and inventions from 2020 that have been recently unveiled. Welcome to all Indian creation before we begin.

1 Doubletake


Doubletake is a new product. That was released by a company known as nix optic. The designers set out to reimagine the way. we think about binoculars with the double-take winning several awards for its innovation and ease of use these binoculars offer a cutting edge design with over 10 times optical magnification. The powerful image processor allows for instant viewing and manipulation of the subject combined with a rugged design to ensure that these binoculars are built to last. Powered by a black optics system the lenses in this system are capable of a focal length and excess of 500 millimeters

Which can allow the user to see images in 4k quality without having to invest in expensive imaging equipment? Real-time image stabilization has been implemented through the h2 processor so that you can view your images without delays on the 5 inch LCD. Display you can even switch immediately between two times zoom and 10 times zoom with the simple push of a button. The system is completely rechargeable through the built-in lithium batteries. Meaning that you’ll no longer need to carry around several different battery packs while on your journey pricing for the double-take has yet to be announced but these binoculars are expected to reach the consumer market very soon



Samsung’s new product Bali was just showcased at CES a few days ago. This new product is another edition in a long line of virtual assistants. However, the fact that this one is shaped like a ball certainly makes it stand out amongst competitors. Does Samsung state that they worked very hard to develop the design of the ball as they needed to craft a product that would become something You want to talk to the only issue which was voiced by a Samsung representative is that the product may now appear a bit? Too inciting to family pets, regardless. Samsung has developed an incredibly lightweight virtual assistant that was designed to be a direct competitor to Apple’s home pod featuring Siri integration.

Samsung has been very quiet about the exact features of Bali but many are expecting it to feature a heavily modded version of Google assistant Or Samsung’s own assistant prices have also not been revealed yet, but we can expect Bali to likely retail around 199 dollars

3.August smart lock


The August smart lock makes a bold claim of being the best smart lock on the market though. They have recently made updates and improvements to make the product even better. August wants users to upgrade their deadbolt system with the all-new Wi-Fi smart lock with this. You can unlock or lock your door remotely check the status of your door Grant guests custom digital keys to enter your home and even see who is coming and going from your home. the lock is equipped with Support for most major digital assistants so that you can lock and unlock your door without ever needing to leave your couch

The smart lock claims to be incredibly easy to install it can attach to an existing deadbolt on the inside of your door. You can even keep and use all of your original keys. The locks don’t even require a Wi-Fi bridge to connect to your network. This new lock is set to hit the market sometime in 2020 and is currently available for pre-order From online retailers though a price has not yet been released

4. 8k flex warm heated jacket


flex warm has released a new line of products known as 8k heated jackets these jackets feature a sleek stealthy design that looks like any normal jacket, however, Flex warm technology is built into the fibers of the garment allowing you to equip the jacket with a batter to heat yourself wall on the go the jacket is very lightweight and perfectly contours to most body shapes the jacket can reach a comfortable temperature of 122 degrees in as little as three hundred and sixty seconds and can keep you warm while you go about your daily routine. The portable power bank that is located inside. The jacket is extremely compact and lightweight and doubles as a USB power bank

You can use this battery to charge your smart devices so that you will never run out of charge. The retail price for these jackets is around 175 dollars and they are available in a variety of different sizes. These jackets will be great for camping hiking or watching fall games during the cold winter months. The uses are seemingly endless


5.Care OS smart mirror
Care OS smart mirror is a new product that was showcased at CES this year. The mirror is integrated with a screen and several features and abilities that aim to make your life easier. You can use the mirror as a virtual assistant and issue voice commands to complete certain tasks facial recognition technology allows the mirror to always know exactly who it is talking to and curate responses based on the person’s individual needs and habits a 360-degree video feature claim to capture all sides of your face and body so that you can see yourself from nearly any angle and Ensure that you’re looking your best you can even zoom in on certain areas.

Which would be great for anyone who applies makeup regularly? Care OS comes with a feature that even allows you to virtually try on different articles of clothing to see how you may look in them Personal recommendations are also available with the operating system being able to analyze your skin and provide tips on how to make your skin look its best vision tests fitness coaching and air quality indicators are Several other features that are available on the smart mirror these products are anticipated to launch sometime in 2020. But a price has yet to be announced


6.SitPack Zen X
The Sit PACK Zen X claims to be the world’s most compact chair ever made. The chair is designed to be portable and is perfect for correcting your posture and keeping you in a comfortable position. the product launched on Kickstarter in 2017. But is now available for purchase by the average consumer the chair’s height can be adjusted in a variety of ways with a carry strap for easy travel.anti-slip feet ensure that you are properly. Secured at all times and the chair can be folded out for use in as little as five seconds. These chairs can be purchased for around $69 and are available now. Three pillow t pillow d is a rather humorous product with a very practical

use the device looks like a standard hooded jacket that comes with a built-in pillow that can be inflated to the user’s personal preference and used for snoozing on the go or possibly a little extra support while watching a movie or playing a video game. the product first launched on Kickstarter a few months ago and is expected to be available for purchase in February of 2020 with an asking price of around $109 these jackets certainly aren’t cheap, but they can be very useful in the right situation.


Neo rhythm is a device that hopes to help you sleep better de-stress after a long day of work and even boost energy levels. the Product is a gesture-controlled headband that can improve your quality of life in a variety of ways. the company behind the headband states that your brain is the very center control mechanism of how you feel behave and Perform an everyday life its functionality can be analyzed through brainwaves which change depending on what you are doing this headband produces frequencies which cannot be seen or heard.

You provide benefit to your brain to help alleviate stress and help you to feel at ease after a particularly stressful day. The headbands claims are backed by two independent scientific studies and give be purchased for two hundred and eighty-nine dollars


8. town new
town new is a smart trashcan that can seal in charge itself without user interference. The product was designed to help individuals to not need to touch trash or trash bins.it does not require that you change out bags between dumps it seals itself and virtually eliminates odors the device can seal entire trash bags so that you never have to see or touch the smelly trash a New bag is automatically reloaded after each session so that you never have to worry about properly fitting a bag ever again priced at $120 these cans are approximately 10 times more expensive than a standard small trash can but can certainly be useful to those who have a fear of touching garbage.


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5.Google Tez
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