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Top 5 most Working websites for youtube SEO Tags


Hello, my Friends Today’s Article all about Youtube Tags. we Have those top 5 most working websites for youtube SEO Tags. In This Article, we will Provide those 5 websites and will tell about How Can we use, Best keywords For Ranking Youtube Videos.

1.Rapid Tags

Rapid Tags Is the Best working Site To Generate high volume ranked tags. This Site Also Provides Ranked Tags which is its best Youtube Tags. So First We Need Best Seo Tags after that other things. Rapid tags Site Also Provide tags analyzer more extra Things Visit Site 

2.Keyword Tool 

This site provides Tags, CPC, Competition for Blogs&Youtube. But This Site Show some Keywords like 3 or 4 After That will be paid. You need to buy it Full Version or if It Has plans Too Much Costly then need to buy a trail free Visit Site

3.Tags Youtube

Some Things in this Site. they Provide and Generate Tags for Youtube Videos.100+ keywords tags Generate from One Tag and Select Some important Keywords for videos. Copy And paste In the video tags. save Setting. This Provide Free Generate Thumbnail via just fill a Keyword then They Will give you Automatically Generated Thumbnails Free Off Cost, and also Provide Generated Title, Description, Thumbnail, Keywords Visit Site

 4.keyword tool dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator Site Also Provide Best Keywords for Youtube Tags. But we Can search Tags only For 3 Times per Day. This site gave us the best high volume Tags With Scores. Visit Site

5.better way to web

Good Site for Tags but it is not secure And working not Properly without Cmd Advanced.same work for youtube Tags video generator. also, give Us best tags For every one free Visit site

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Top 5 Best Earning Application way of Win lot of prize


Everybody needs New New Ideas Of Earn a lot Of Money & Rewords(Prizes). we Have to Know These top 5 Applications. In This Article, I will tell all about How can Use, How can make Money With These applications. then You will also make money With this 5 Application.

1.True Balance
True Balance is a Money Wallet. This Application used For About SIM(Subscriber Identification Module)Operator Get Infomation. But Now used to Make Money&Spin wheel get Lot Of Money. Make money with use Referral Code sent. Per Referral Code is 5 Rs and Sign Up Bouns 6 Rs.

2.Vigo Video
In this Application, You can get money from Invite Code And Get flames. Per invite Get 1 Flame And 1 flame price Rate is 50Rs. withdrawal Limit 200Rs per day. Watch Video In Vigo Video application and Get some amount from it. make money also get some money

3.Data Buddy
Per Sign up 20 Rs and Per Refer Code Get 15Rs. You Can Earn From install application Via Data Buddy. withdrawal Limit is 200Rs Or 500 Rs Per day.play games and Earn money from data buddy. In This Application very Simple & easy Games you Can Play Very well

4.Feet Apart
Feet Apart application-related is about Health&fitness.In this application, You can get feet steps from our walking steps.per day get 50 Feet coin steps.you can get 50rs amazon gift From 200 feet coins.per refer code get 8 Feet steps. You Can get more redeem the prize Like I phones and other smartphones. More Prize is waiting for u.

5.Google Tez
This Application Powered By Google.trusted application. Per invite 51rs And 51 rs, First payment pay total Is 100 rs. you need to fill Bank Account Infomation Impotent. Now working Coupon Is on ovo Rooms book From Google Pay And Get 500Rs Cashback. Coupon Code is OYOGPAY

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SBI ALERT! Think twice before charging your smart phones


This article will help you understand the way how hackers steal your data with the help of charging points available in Public areas.

The biggest bank of nation-State bank of India recently tweeted and aware people to be alert when they plug-in charging sockets to charge their cell phones at public places like bus stands, shopping centers, railway stations, and etcetera. SBI claimed and alert that fraudsters may take secret information that includes emails, wallet photos, contacts, net banking or social website password. To commit such a crime fraudster to make use of Malware White software.

Ever wondered how it is done?

You will wonder how our personal data can be stolen through just a charging point. When people charge their phones at public spots, hackers export your personal data by using Malware and Fishing tricks. To export your files they use a data card known as ‘Auto Data Transfer device’ which is available at a website Alibaba.com for 300-400 dollars.

To carry out this process hackers attach ‘Auto Data Transfer device’ just behind the charging port at public stations, when people put their USB cable in charging port then their mobile screen gets a pop-up message which users often ignore and click on the allow button without reading the description written in the dialog box and which results in the exportation of their confidential information into the ‘Auto Data Transfer device’.

In this way, hackers get the allowance to have your personal data into their memory device
When we charge our phones at home or business place we don’t get any pop-up messages on our phone screen. So if you get the same message which asks you to click on allow button, we recommend you to read the whole information written in the dialog box if the written information seems to be suspicious please don’t click on the allow button otherwise you will be tricked to hack your whole mobile phone data
Explorers ought to abstain from utilizing open USB control charging stations in air terminals, hotels, and different areas since they may contain risky malware. In the USB charger trick, regularly called ‘juice jacking’, lawbreakers load malware onto charging stations or links they leave connected at the station so they may contaminate the cell phones and other electrical gadgets of clueless clients.

The malware may bolt the gadget or export information and passwords legitimately to the scammer.

The Official SBI tweet

SBI informed its followers and customers by tweeting on twitter that thinks twice before you plug in your phone at charging stations. Malware could find a way in and infect your phone, giving hackers a way to steal your passwords and export your data.

Tweet Link  > S.B.I

Over-whelming result of an International experiment

An international organization at the RSA security gathering in San Francisco, Authentic8 set up a charging station at its booth, offering cords for individuals to charge their gadgets.
The organization ran a casual social examination to perceive what number of individuals would utilize general society charging stations. Paik said a mind-boggling number of participants – about 80% – connected their phones without getting some information about the security.

The result showed that a maximum number of travelers at airports, bus stands or railway stations don’t even know the risks behind using phone charging booths as hackers target such places to hack or export the personal data of people into their ‘Auto Data Transfer device’.

Charging booths at Connaught place Delhi

Our team made a visit to the most popular shopping market which is visited by thousands of people every day. This market has a couple of phone charging booths and Wi-Fi zone at different distances which are often used by the people having low phone batteries. Without knowing the dangerous effects of plugging in people keep on charging their phones.

The hackers could record and mirror the screen of a device that is plugged in for a charge. The technique became known as “video jacking.” In this attack, called video jacking, what looks like a USB port is actually equipped to pull HDMI video from devices; allowing hackers to copy everything you do on the screen, such as enter passwords. This kind of attack has been shown to work but has never been seen in the wild.

Rescue yourself from being trapped

⦁ Rather than charging your cell phones at public places, put resources into a convenient USB battery pack from known vendors
⦁ You can also purchase USB cords that are explicitly implied for charging and can’t move your phone’s information. The most ideal approach to abstain from succumbing to juice jacking is to not utilize open USB ports yet rather, depend on your own home charger.

⦁ Wireless charging compatible phones are good enough to keep us safe as we don’t have the need to connect our phones directly with charging ports.
⦁ “The only defense is a very simple rule: Don’t plug your phone into a charger you don’t own.”
⦁ Look for an electrical socket behind the charging station rather than plugging the USB cable directly in suspicious Charging slots at public places

PUBG Mobile update 0.16.0 Tencent : Released Today 11/12/2019


The New Pubg Update is Released. Today We Will Tell About All Update Of 0.16.0 New Version in This Article Will Update All About It.

New Update 
So In This Update, Two Main updates is Classic map changed, Launched winter mod and the arrival EvoGround mode: RageGear.The Update Was Released at around 2 am, GMT. Last Year PUBG Mobile was Launched The Vekendi Map And Tdm Match Update, zombies Mod more Extra Things. Now Today released The New Updated Surprise On New Year and Chrismiss day This is cool For Everyone.

Some Gaming Youtubers is Played This Update 0.16.0 Version unofficially And Enjoy Lot of gameplay. and I am also enjoyed Their Streaming. I don’t Know-How they are played Very well But Nice gameplay. now Am played in officially. I saw a big Mistake From Pubg mobile new update, and The mistake Was classic map Not Changed, no snow in classic Map. I Think Pubg Mobile Eat Unhealthy Thing.

oh god, what is it Every time and in every Update Pubg Mobile Not Launched Full Update, last Time also they Take Too Many Time For the update. I am very disappointed For This New Update. I was Waiting For The New Version, Maps, mod more Such interesting features. but Pubg mobile not Did For Me 🙁 now am ok and please PUBG Please fix this issue.

How To Update 
First Go In play store and search PUBG Mobile open first result :p go and do update wait for till finishing Time.PUBG update takes up to 10 min. if Your Network Is slow then I don’t how many take Time but Some Time update has taken to many times and sometimes update given error.

Valid Point
enjoys and Please Play safe. don’t play PUBG without a break. Thanks for Reading Our Article, please share this article If u like PUBG Mobile

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How To Get Free 7 Days vpn Trial ProtonVPN


We Understand, You Need Our Privacy In Your Searching History + Hide Your IP or Extra Things. If You Finding About How To Get Free 7 Days vpn Trial etc .Then you find Right Article.You find out Right Blog For Free Vpn service Tips .

virtual private network

First Thing You Need To understand ,what is vpn,how to work is it, Vpn full Form Name,Is it safe For Our Device ? Answers Is yes Its Fully safe For Your Device+ Search History safe,Vpn is virtual private network It Is Work like Safe Your Privacy,history hide
IP Or More Extra things

Free 7 Days vpn Trial

Please Follow My Steps.1. We Need A PC for Installation + Internet + A Fake or Real Email.2 Go To Protonvpn Official Site 3. Please Fill Full Info About Your Self And After That Click on create Account. 4. After Creating Account U will See To Fill a otp For Verification.

5 Download the Vpn after That OTP code Process and Go To install Setup File.Agree All Terms and Conditions
After That open vpn Software And Fill Sign in information Like User Name and Password and click On sign in button .

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enjoy This free 7 Days Vpn Trail Service free Of cost we Don’t Need To buy a Vpn with Costly payment. If you Need unlimited Country’s IP then You Can Click on Upgrade Option And choose Vpn Service Plans.This Vpn Service Giving very Very Lowest And cheap price Plans.

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If Any One Give me Spam comments then I will Immediately Delete His Comment and Banned him from My site .He do not access my site. ones Again Thanks For Reading

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How To Watch New HD movies With only On application

Namaskar bhai logo kya haal Hai aapke toh aaj ka hamara Artical  hai About How To Watch New HD movies With only On application 

toh Kese  hmm  bhi free mei ik application Ki help se New New Movies free mei dekh sakte hai  main yeh bilkul bhi provide nahi karta  ki aap illegel Way say aap movies dekho jo HD Mei Ho lekin yeh application play store verified hai toh hmm maan sakte hai ki yeh Application legil Hai jo free mei movies ko provide kar1te hai toh chaiye batata  hu wo kon app jo free mei hame movies  online  dekhne ke lyi provide karta hai

Yeh Artical only entertainment purpose Hai kirpea  aap isse ise aapne phone mei kare aur ache ache new movies watch  kare

  1. Aapke paas aapna android phone hona lajmi hai jisme play store ho :p
  2. Play store mei jaye or search kare mitto
  3. ise intall kare aur enjoy karo

Isme aapko south movies , Indian bollywood ,punjabi movies new new movies aap dekh sakte hai

A B X VB NJ J J J H G F T G j k k j j k g g vf g g g j jk y t d d f g j jk l o yt lo y A B X VB NJ J J J H G F T G j k k j j k g g vf g g g j jk y t d d f g j jk l o yt lo y A B X VB NJ J J J H G F T G j k k j j k g g vf g g g j jk y t d d f g j jk l o yt lo y 

How to attach my CV in replying a message or mail in Gmail app from my Android phone?

How to make good Paid intro with legal way For free

How To Watch New HD movies With only On application

How to attach my CV in replying a message or mail in Gmail app from my Android phone?


How to attach my CV in replying a message or mail in Gmail app from my Android phone?

आपके एंड्रॉइड फोन पर ई-मेल अटैचमेंट को समझने की कुंजी पेपरक्लिप आइकन को देखना है। जब आपको वह आइकन मिल जाता है, तो आप या तो आने वाले ई-मेल के लिए अटैचमेंट से निपट सकते हैं या आउटगोइंग ई-मेल के लिए अटैचमेंट जोड़ सकते हैं।
image0.jpgलगाव से निपटना
जीमेल और ईमेल एप्स में अटैचमेंट का एकमात्र अंतर है, जिस तरह से वे देखते हैं। एक संदेश अनुलग्नक प्रदर्शित करने का स्टॉक एंड्रॉइड विधि निम्नलिखित आकृति में दिखाया गया है। यह कैसे जीमेल संलग्नक प्रदर्शित करता है, और यह वह तरीका भी हो सकता है जिस तरह से ईमेल ऐप उन्हें प्रदर्शित करता है, हालांकि आपका फोन लगाव को अलग तरह से उजागर कर सकता है।
अनुलग्नक से निपटने के लिए, इसे स्पर्श करें। ज्यादातर मामलों में, अनुलग्नक आपके फोन पर दिए गए ऐप का उपयोग करके खुलता है। उपयोग किया गया एप्लिकेशन अनुलग्नक के प्रकार पर निर्भर करता है। उदाहरण के लिए, एक पीडीएफ अटैचमेंट QuickOffice ऐप द्वारा खोला जा सकता है।

एक्शन ओवरफ्लो आइकन को छूने से अटैचमेंट से संबंधित कमांड प्रदर्शित होते हैं। यहाँ आप क्या देख सकते हैं की एक चापलूसी है:

पूर्वावलोकन: देखने के लिए अनुलग्नक खोलें।

सहेजें: फोन के स्टोरेज से लगाव को बचाएं।

फिर से डाउनलोड करें: मेल सर्वर से अटैचमेंट प्राप्त करें।

कंप्यूटर पर प्राप्त ई-मेल अटैचमेंट के साथ, आपके पास एकमात्र समस्या यह हो सकती है कि फोन में अटैचमेंट से निपटने के लिए आवश्यक एप्लिकेशन का अभाव है। जब कोई ऐप नहीं मिलेगा, तो आपको अटैचमेंट नहीं देखने का नुकसान उठाना पड़ेगा, या बस संदेश का जवाब देना होगा और व्यक्ति को एक सामान्य फ़ाइल प्रारूप में संलग्नक को फिर से भेजने के लिए निर्देशित करना होगा।

सामान्य फ़ाइल स्वरूपों में चित्रों के लिए PNG और JPEG और दस्तावेज़ों के लिए HTML या RTF शामिल हैं। Adobe Acrobat और Microsoft Word दस्तावेज़ों के लिए PDF और DOCX भी आम हैं।

जब कई ऐप्स अटैचमेंट से निपट सकते हैं तो आपको एक प्रॉम्प्ट दिखाई दे सकता है। अनुलग्नक देखने के लिए एक चुनें और जस्ट दिस वन्स बटन को स्पर्श करें।

संलग्नक फोन के आंतरिक भंडारण या हटाने योग्य भंडारण (माइक्रोएसडी कार्ड) पर सहेजे जाते हैं। आप डाउनलोड एप्लिकेशन का उपयोग करके उस फ़ोल्डर को देख सकते हैं। यदि वह ऐप उपलब्ध नहीं है, तो एक My Files ऐप की तलाश करें, या आप Google Play Store से एक फ़ाइल प्रबंधन ऐप प्राप्त कर सकते हैं।

लगाव भेजना
ई-मेल को संलग्न करने का सबसे अच्छा तरीका शेयर आइकन का उपयोग करना है। ई-मेल के जरिए फाइल भेजने का यह Android तरीका है।
यहाँ सामान्य प्रक्रिया है:

उस एप्लिकेशन पर जाएं जिसने अनुलग्नक बनाया है।

उदाहरण के लिए, फोटो भेजने के लिए, गैलरी या चित्र ऐप खोलें।

वह विशिष्ट आइटम देखें जिसे आप संलग्न करना चाहते हैं।

गैलरी ऐप में, एक छवि पूर्ण स्क्रीन देखें। मैप्स ऐप में, किसी स्थान के बारे में जानकारी कार्ड देखें।

शेयर आइकन स्पर्श करें।

1.ऐप्स की एक सूची दिखाई देती है।

2.ईमेल या जीमेल चुनें।

3.आप एक हमेशा / बस यह एक बार संकेत के साथ संकेत दिया जा सकता है। जब तक आप अपने फ़ोन पर विशिष्ट ऐप्स के साथ सहज नहीं हो जाते, तब तक इसे चुनें।

4.संदेश लिखें।

5.आइटम संदेश से जुड़ा हुआ है।

  • किसी मैसेज को फाइल अटैच करने का कंप्यूटर तरीका है कि आप पहले जीमेल या ईमेल एप्स का इस्तेमाल करें और मैसेज लिखें। एक्शन ओवरफ्लो आइकन को टच करें और कमांड अटैच फाइल चुनें। एप्लिकेशन चुनने के लिए दिखाई देने वाली स्क्रीन का उपयोग करें, या किसी अनुलग्नक के रूप में लेने के लिए फ़ोन पर संग्रहीत फ़ाइलों के माध्यम से ब्राउज़ करें।

जब आप संदेश भेजते हैं, तो अनुलग्नक उसके साथ सवारी करता है। मात्र इंटरनेट क्षणों में, संदेश और अनुलग्नक प्राप्तकर्ता (ओं) को उपलब्ध कराया जाता है।

  • कुछ ईमेल ऐप में पेपरक्लिप आइकन की सुविधा हो सकती है, जिसे आप संदेश में फ़ाइल संलग्न करने के लिए स्पर्श करते हैं।


  • एक ई-मेल संदेश में कई आइटम संलग्न करना संभव है। अतिरिक्त माल जोड़ने के लिए बस संदेश के लिए अनुलग्नक आइकन स्पर्श करते रहें।
  • आपके द्वारा संलग्न किए जाने वाले आइटमों की विविधता इस बात पर निर्भर करती है कि फ़ोन पर कौन से ऐप्स इंस्टॉल हैं।
  • आपके द्वारा प्राप्त अनुलग्नक आसानी से डाउनलोड ऐप का उपयोग करके स्थित हैं। आइटम को देखने के लिए उस ऐप को खोलें, जिसे आप आउटगोइंग ई-मेल पर रीटेट करके दूसरों के साथ साझा कर सकते हैं।
  • जीमेल और ईमेल ऐप्स कभी-कभी विभिन्न प्रकार के अटैचमेंट स्वीकार करते हैं। इसलिए यदि आप Gmail ऐप का उपयोग करके कुछ संलग्न नहीं कर सकते हैं, तो इसके बजाय ईमेल ऐप का उपयोग करने का प्रयास करें।

how to make money from games | 10$ per day | withdraw From pay-pal


how to make money from games | 10$ per day | withdraw From pay-pal

Namaskar bhai logo aapka suwagat hai hamare is new article mei dil se bhi and dimag se bhi, aaj main aapko ese 2 games btaaaga jisse aap araam se  earning kar paauga 1 level complete karne ke baad 0.20 cent ya 0.40 ya or bhi 0.60 kma sakte hai ese hi isme 100 ke above missions(levels) hai jisse aap bhi acha khaasa pesa kma sakte ho. isme aapko koi bhi invite ka option nahi milega jisse aap  kuch earning kar sako but isme rewords milte hai jisme aapko pese bhi mil sakte hai and kabhi kabhi coins bhi mil  jate hai coins ko aap convert kar sakte hai peso me

chaleye btaata hu unke naam kya kya hai ?

aur kese kaam karte hai ?

kya earning sach mei ho sakti hai ese ?

Game names

1.bubble shooter 

yeh game aapko play store par mil jaega araam se . aur agar nahi mila toh yeh raha link .yeh game bubble shot wali game hai jisme aapko alg alg trah color ke bubble milege .aur upar ki traf bubble honge aur niche ik color ka bubble uper jis color ke bubble hoge wohi pe  nishaana lagaana hai game ke level ko  fnish karte hi aapke pass kabhi 0.20 cent kabhi 0.50 cent mil jayege according to level jitna level hard hoga utna hi game pesa dega . app 10 $ ke baad paypal withdraw kar sakte hai , withdraw sirf paypal se hi kar sakte hai


2.Knife bounty

yeh wala game bhi aapko playstore pe aapko aram se mil jayega.agar nahi mila toh yeh raha link .yeh wala game jo isme ik knife hoti hai and jispe nashana lagaana hota hai wo tyre ki trah gol aur uspe pese hote hai 5 lives hoti hai.agar ik jagah nishaana laga liya toh again wahi pe nishaana nahi laga sakte. isme bhi same rules hote hai 10$ ke baad hi  pese niklava sakte hai

Note Yeh dono games same compeny ki hai islyi compare mat karna kisi ko bhi

New Pubg mobile 0.15.0 Includes(Helicopters+tanks) Update Released October 16

How can we Viral/rank Our Youtube videos Part 1

how to make money from games | 10$ per day | withdraw From pay-pal

how to make money from games | 10$ per day | withdraw From pay-pal

New Pubg mobile 0.15.0 Includes(Helicopters+tanks) Update Released October 16


New Pubg mobile 0.15.0 Includes(Helicopters+tanks) Update Released October 16

Namaskar Bhai logo,kya haal chaal hai sabke.aapka swaagat hai dil se bhi and dimag se bhi.aapko pta toh chal hi hoga pubg ke new update ke bare mei ,agar kisi nahi pta chala toh main bta deta hu ,aapko jaankari kam milli hai toh main aapko full jankari bta dunga about New Pubg mobile 0.15.0 Includes(Helicopters+tanks) Update Released October 16

new Update changes 

bhailogo aapko jankar khushi hogi ki pubg mei aaplog ab helicopter bhi chala or uda sakte hai .air strike kar sakte hai,isme aapko tank bhi mil jayega but usse aap firing nahi kar sakege pubg walo ne yeh kaha hai ki yeh tank drop se  aaega jese pehle bu-lit prof gadi aati thi vese hi bulit Prof wala tank aayega


Tdm mei aapko run karte aap baagkar spilt kar sakte hai


Zombies mode bhi change ho geya hai thoda sa usme ab Halloween wala option aa gea matlb jab jb zoomies mode khelege then usme Halloween feenk ke drop jese koi bhi chij magva sakte hai jese awm ,aimo, 8 x scope waala

a c v b n m f e l p e s e r g n j i e q s d f w q e r i r t u j d f h a c v b n m f e l p e s e r g n j i e q s d f w q e r i r t u j d f ha c v b n m f e l p e s e r g n j i e q s d f w q e r i r t u j d f h
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New Pubg mobile 0.15.0 Includes(Helicopters+tanks) Update Released October 16

New Pubg mobile 0.15.0 Includes(Helicopters+tanks) Update Released October 16

Some good news from jio | 30 minutes per week for calling to another telecom


Some good news from jio | 30 minutes per week for calling to another telecom

Thode time Pelee Maine 1 article publish kiya tha jisme mene btaaya tha ki jio ne free voice calling wali option hta di hai mtlb ab call karne pe paise lage ge,7 paise call kar di gyi thi per minute pe. jio to jio toh free hai but jab hmm other company pe call 7 paise  lagaayege  per minute pe . jese idea,airtel Vodafone etc


Lakin agar aapne 10 october se pehle aapne koi bhi recharge kara liya tha jese 1 month 2 month ya 3 month kara liya tha toh bhai logo aapko koi charge nahi lagega jb tak aapka pack khatam na ho jaye

good news toh yeh hai ik bhai logo aap 30 min free bhi mileage ge  per week

abhi proper news ni mili hai ki isse jyda bhi free iuc min mil jaye but hai pack dalwane ke bad aapko 10 rs se le kar 1000 rs tak dene pad sakte hai

apni apni pasand ha bhai logo  wo pack aapko jo sahi lage wo karna

and jo log video bana rahe hai ki pehle toh supne dikhaate hai bad me gyab ho jate hai unke lyi

Thode time Pelee Maine 1 article publish kiya tha jisme mene btaaya tha Some good news from jio | 30 minutes per week for calling to another telecom

 A B C Z X C V S A Q E D F E S A A Q A K L I M H M J B H O U H M J B H O U H M J B H O U 

Pehle kaha the ese ghatia log jab jio free internet + voice call de raha tha 

Mobile ऐसा हो जाएगा सब देख कर चौक जाएंगे | Mobile Transparent Trick 2019

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Some good news from jio | 30 minutes per week for calling to another telecom