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What Is Fm Whatsapp: Wonderful Feature, Download and Installation

What Is Fm Whatsapp: Wonderful Feature, Download and Installation

What is FM Whatsapp

Fm WhatsApp is an advanced and modified version of the original WhatsApp app. It was designed to add a plethora of advanced features that are missing in official WhatsApp, such as privacy and customization. Although we don’t get any bugs on the regular version of WhatsApp, less advanced features are the main problem.

 The same builder of Fouad WhatsApp specially designs the Fm WhatsApp app. Thus, all the features are almost similar except the blue button. Basic information related to this app is here:-


Application name FM Whatsapp
Size of app 50.6 MB
Version v15.60.2
Requirement or necessary Android 4.4 and above
How many downloads 100000+
Last updated 4 May 2021


Features of FM Whatsapp:-

With FM WhatsApp, you can enjoy a mammoth of advanced features like customizing app colors, anti delete status, hide your last seen, and other interface icons. You can easily change or customize this with different themes that are available in the theme store along with this. let’s have a look at its feature:-

1.Call filter/blocker

Fm WhatsApp comes with a wonderful feature called call filter or blocker as it is clear from its name that it helps the user block or avoid unusual or unwanted calls from unknown sources. As we all know that unwanted and irrelevant calls create so much disturbance while working.

So to avoid this at the end, we put that number on the block list, which shows quite harsh behavior toward others. However, this application brings some amazing features like filtering, which make your life easy. In other words, you can add privacy to who can call or not on WhatsApp.

2.Full resolution image sharing

Fm Whatsapp provides an amazing feature to its users that is a high-quality photo-sharing option.so if you are required to send any document or picture to anyone, there is no chance to lose the quality of the image.

However, original WhatsApp users always complain if they face such a problem because WhatsApp compresses the image size, which means receivers get the low-quality picture. In addition to it, you can also set the quality according to your choice or as your need.

In simple words, this application provides an option that you can enable for sending. “Full resolution image” in the mod setting. Thus, you can deliver all your pictures in 100% quality or the true quality you want.

3.Themes store

As we all know, the original WhatsApp does not offer its users themes, so this is the biggest disadvantage of official WhatsApp.on contrast, FM WhatsApp gives a complete store of a thousand themes. 

You can easily change the color and sections of WhatsApp. You can also import different themes as your choice via XML files.


We all use emojis, which attract everyone to express their emotions and feelings toward others. But users mostly get bored with WhatsApp emojis because these emoji are not attractive as Facebook and old stock emojis. However, in FM, Whatsapp users received a variant of emoji to send.

5.App launcher and notification icon

FM Whatsapp provides a wonderful feature that is called app launcher and notification icon. Because most of the users get bored with the default whats app icon, but in FM WhatsApp, you can find a plethora of different color or style icons. Users can pick any according to their preference.

6.Color and customization

Are you bored with the old style of WhatsApp color and styles, then do not worry; here is a solution.FM Whatsapp has a fantastic feature that can change WhatsApp background, color, status bar, navigation, and so on. Moreover, you can also customize your chat screen, the background of WhatsApp, and many more. 

7.Font and other mods

Well, no doubt changing the font and style of your text is the coolest way to present your idea to others. While in the past when we all worked on Nokia phones it’s quite difficult to do this, nowadays the same happens with regular WhatsApp.

But fortunately, FMwhatsapp comes with a unique feature of changing the font and background according to the user’s choice. This new version has an abundant style that users can easily switch without any restrictions. It also has an inbuilt lock, pin chats, hide media from gallery option, and much more.

8.Anti delete messages

Fm WhatsApp has another amazing feature which is an anti-delete message which offers you to see deleted messages. 

In simple words, if you enable this feature in FM WhatsApp, then you can see all messages which are sent by others either they delete it for everyone or specific for you.

9.Message a number without saving any contact

With the help of this feature, you can send text messages or videos or share documents with others, and there is no need to save that person’s number in your contact. This feature is good if you don’t like extroverts and don’t want to make a new friend, and don’t want to add them to your friend list.

How to download and install FM WhatsApp 

FM Whatsapp app is now available for Android users, and you can also run it along with your regular WhatsApp, but you have to insert different numbers in both WhatsApp apps. If you want to enjoy the amazing features of FM Whatsapp, then download it and install it. You don’t find this on the google play store, so click on the link below to enjoy.

                             FOR DO0WNLOAD CLICK HERE

  • After successfully download the FM Whatsapp file, it now time to click on the install
  • Go to your file manager and enable feature unknown resources
  • Then, open this wonderful app and fill in your mobile number 
  • After that, you will get one time password
  • This OTP helps you to sign up, and now you are ready to take benefit of it 


Q1. Which WhatsApp is better, GB or FM?

Well, both GB and FM WhatsApp are great and exciting modes of WhatsApp with amazing features. Although GB WhatsApp has unique and advanced features, FM WhatsApp comes with advanced privacy and security features.

Q2.from where can I download FM WhatsApp?

 Frankly speaking, This app you will not find on the google play store, but yes, there are so many links available on the internet to download this app. If you want to enjoy the exciting feature, then go for it.

Q3.what are the advantages of FM Whatsapp?

There are various benefits of FM Whatsapp such as anti-delete messages, font style, theme change, filter your calls, and many more.

Q4.why is FM WhatsApp banned?

The main reason behind it is that it provides some extra and modern features which the original WhatsApp does not have. Secondly, it is not supporting an official app.

Final words

To put it in a shell, I pen down saying that there is no doubt that simple things could be boring for you, but if they work properly, then be careful of risks which deliver with an alternative to WhatsApp.

Do you want excitement and a thrilling experience, or willing to risk mods? Then download it now.

let me know what your opinion about this new latest application is?



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