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9 smart Tech GADGETS & INVENTIONS 2020

9 smart Tech GADGETS & INVENTIONS 2020

Technology is constantly advancing and it can be difficult to keep up with all 9 smart Tech GADGETS & INVENTIONS 2020¬†However, we’ve compiled a great list of some of the best tech gadgets available in 2020. Welcome to all Indian creation But before we begin, don’t forget to share this article.


Samsung has released an all-new input method for its smartphone devices at CES known as selfie type. the technology was designed by Samsung cielab and was created by a virtual keyboard that is built on artificial intelligence an image recognition Samsung plans to add the technology to future Galaxy model smartphones But the idea is still developing at the moment the idea behind the product is to create a virtual keyboard on the surface of any desk and uses the users front-facing camera to determine that the user is typing this information is then relayed wirelessly to the smartphone and Interpreted by the software then translate it to on-screen keystrokes.

There are no additional Hardware elements required as all of the technology will be built directly into the phone It is estimated that this technology will only be available on flagship devices, but it will certainly be an excellent selling point for consumers

smart cap

the smart cap is a revolutionary new technology that will soon find its way into classrooms in meeting offices all across the country. This is a dry erase board that can capture your writing digitally and send it to your computer or smart device wirelessly without any additional input required. All you need to do is pair your device to the whiteboard and begin writing If you decide to erase some marking from the board. The marking will be erased from the digital version as well. The implications that this device has for schooling are unprecedented.

For children or college students who are out sick or unable to make classes being able to forward notes to them in a digital format Could be life-saving for some students Sessions can even be saved for sharing at a later date or saved for on-screen review later on in the semester. The possibilities are endless There is no word about how much the device will cost but it is expected to be available to schools and consumers quite soon.


Preveli claims to be the world’s most powerful convertible private screen.This product is an elegantly designed monitor that can be folded.Stored and taken with you wherever you go It offers a built-in stand that can be adjusted for various viewing angles and is available in several colors The monitor is capable of producing 4k UHD images that are excellent for use with high-end gaming or simple web browsing It is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, meaning that you can even pair the screen to your tablet or smartphone for true mobile viewing

The company also claims that gaming systems such as the Nintendo switch ps4 and Xbox can be paired to the device as well Which could be perfect for kids on long car rides or vacations a leather case is included with the purchase So that you can rest assured knowing that your screen will always be properly protected Preveli recently launched on IndieGoGo, but there have yet to be any backers of the project the company is asking for a small goal of $5,000 to get the device into production with 13-inch units costing around two hundred and twenty-nine dollars for early adopters this is a 54% discount from the expected retail price a true bargain when you consider all the things this device is capable off

Mosta box

The master box claims to be the world’s first fillet controller gadget. They hit the market This is a Bluetooth enabled device that allows visitors to level up while at work or play The product first launched a Kickstarter word exceeded its $30,000 goal by over $10,000 It has since been featured on several websites blocks and news broadcasts across the country and is taking the world by storm The design of the device is nothing new as it follows the basic schematic of a fidgets cube, However, it has been fitted with electronic controls that allow it to be used as a game controller a mouse a presentation clicker

And so much more the buttons can be mapped for several different functions using computer software Making this the perfect gift for any gamer or avid computer user Devices are just $35 each for Kickstarter supporters and can be shipped anywhere in the world This is a device that truly knows no bounds. It can be used for a wide variety of different applications Asians Masterbox can even be paired with certain Android devices though. It is most well suited for PC. Use these gadgets are selling quickly So be sure to check out the Kickstarter page before they’re gone

Dell duet laptop

Dell recently unveiled several new laptops for its lineup of personal computers One of these laptops is particularly interesting known as the Dell duet This is an oversized computer that is meant to be a direct competitor to the surface neo which currently has most of the market share The laptop is a dual-screen computer made up of two individual 13-inch displays The laptop is designed to be used as a tablet and much of its functionality is based around gestures and pen interactions

There’s been very little information released about the computer, but it certainly seems to be a promising concept there have also been no updates regarding how much the laptop will cost but it likely won’t be cheap a Laptop with such a high-quality display is going to be expensive already But when you add a second display to the mix this machine is going to be pricey Stay tuned for updates regarding this laptop as it is expected to launch sometime in 2020


HUSH me is a new device that claims to protect your privacy and reduce noise pollution while taking important phone calls It helps the user to have easier phone conversations when in a public setting and claims to be the world’s first voice mask for smartphones.The device works by blocking your voice from being heard by those around you But still providing excellent sound quality to the individual you are speaking to on the phone its functionality is certainly bizarre But the company claims that it works quite well Push me can be pre-ordered right now on IndieGoGo with units costing around one hundred and eighty-nine dollars

cyber clean

cyber clean is a new type of cleaning product that aims to clean your tech devices Such as your smartphone the buttons in your car and even your keyboard the product is visually a giant ball of slime but it holds together quite well and meant to wedge itself into the many crevices of your Devices to clean the seams and buttons without tons of effort cyber clean has excellent reviews on Amazon It can be purchased for just eight dollars and fifty cents with free prime shipping


It is the world’s first writing and erasing robotic device the device only requires two nails and a wall outlet to be installed and it can then be equipped with markers to accurately recreate the Image that you programmed to it. It can be fitted with four different color combinations and will draw on virtually any hard surface This device has tons of practical uses From drawing artwork on a wall that can then be painted too drunk company logos in the foyer of an important office building

this device Takes the hard work out of image processing and can be much cheaper than hiring a professional painter to illustrate the walls of your building with a price tag of $499 it would be difficult to find a cheaper alternative Especially considering the expensive later rates of artists these days

air Deck

3.0 air Deck 3.0 is a company that designs playing cards that you may have seen recently in big-box bookstores The cards are designed to be used on the go and are waterproof Compact and lightweight. Best of all they are extremely cheap with some decks only costing around $5 each The company’s goal is to design the ultimate cards for travel and they have already found over 37,000 backers on Kickstarter. The company is based in Hong Kong So orders will take quite some time to arrive if you are ordering from another country However, this is one of the coolest ideas

We’ve seen so far at a price that virtually anyone could afford The company even offers free shipping if you order three or more decks of cards.

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