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4 Futuristic Cars You Never Know Existed

4 Futuristic Cars You Never Know Existed

Today Our Article all about 5 Futuristic Cars You Never Know Existed At some point, we’ve all likely grown bored with our daily driver vehicles. Most cars are designed to be a little more than a basic means of transportation with very few impressive features however in recent years many automotive manufacturers have worked diligently to design cars that will blow you away many of which you likely never knew existed

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 Mercedes-Benz vision AV TR 

our Vision a BTR is a name given to a concept car that was developed by Mercedes-Benz in response to the hit film avatar Mercedes also says that the name is an abbreviation for advanced vehicle transformation as this car is the living embodiment of what cars of the future may look like and how their looks could Transform in the years to come to this car is said to be completely silent and is virtually no emissions that could harm the environment.

It operated with 4 individual motors that are attached to each wheel and is powered by a massive 350-kilowatt battery that aims to set a new standard for range and performance in an automobile the car offers Unsurpassed driving response and dynamics with each wheels motor being able to adjust its power and torque on-the-fly to provide the best performance possible. This also means that the car is capable of gripping almost any terrain For that struggle as it offers a digital equivalent of an LS D.

Differential without the bulk weight or maintenance associated with one the battery of this car was designed with the environment in mind sourcing materials from natural sources when possible. Mercedes says the battery is graphene-based and offers completely organic cells that redefine electric automotive batteries the components are completely recyclable and offer little to no negative impact on the environment. The company also claims that efficiency was key when designing this vehicle.

Ensuring that the vehicle has the longest range of any electric car and is wasting as little energy as possible during normal operation the seats are designed with color-changing fabric that can adjust to your surroundings as well as a dashboard that does the same it offers a vehicle wide screen that blends into the side panels and doors the VTR doesn’t even have a steering wheel instead It is intelligently controlled by GPS computers and a selector switch located in the center of the car. There’s no mention of how much this car will cost or if it will ever make it to a retail market. But it is certainly one of the coolest concept cars we have ever seen

light-year one

Light year one as a company and car concept idea that aims to combat Tesla and make a major impact in the electric car market. This vehicle claims to be always charging and offers the longest range and highest Sustainability of any electric car ever produced due to the solar panels located on the roof and hood that constantly recharge the car’s battery. This car was designed from the ground up to be the most efficient car ever made and to shift a consumer’s perspective on what electric cars can be this car offers a range of over 450 miles but is constantly recharging itself the true distance of your journey is virtually limitless.

The car takes advantage of every single ray of sunshine and every Joule possible to provide users with the longest drive time imaginable rather than being an automotive manufacturer Lightyear claims to be a tech company whose sole purpose is to provide users with clean mobility Reserves are available now with the Pioneer edition of the car being available to the first 100 purchasers. a car can be reserved for a low price of one hundred nineteen thousand dollars with the standard purchase price being one hundred and forty-nine thousand dollars

Lightyear certainly won’t be competing with Tesla any day soon with a price tag So astronomically high but the car is a great concept Hopefully, they can reduce the pricing in the future so that this vehicle can be available for the average consumer.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow

the Vision EQ Silver Arrow is another concept vehicle designed by Mercedes though It is not intended for public release instead it is a show car that can see just one occupant closely resembling the W12 five-car from the 1930s the press release states that Mercedes claimed its spot in being the pioneer of speed over 80 years ago with the release of the revolutionary Silver Arrow.the car was known not only for its incredible speed but also for its show-stopping shape and design the vision EQ is meant to be A derivative of the original Silver Arrow honing in on the Silver Arrows legacy and improving its speed shape in overall performance.

This new vehicle was designed for optimal driving pleasure in acceleration speed. Mercedes says that it embodies the very essence of luxury and future insight in design. The company says that the car is the driving force behind many car shows and is the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to automotive design the company website says that the EQ brand of cars is shaped by avant-garde and the distinct look of progressive luxury the car captures previously unknown beauty and is the perfect blend of digital and analog elements combined into one intuitive design.


The DSXE-Tense is another concept vehicle that is unlikely to ever make it to the mass market. The website claims the car is light as a feather Silent as a breeze forged by its creator’s vision for people that are hooked into cars The car was designed as if it was to be released in the year 2035 and that certainly shows this vehicle looks like something straight out of Tron and its three-seat design is nothing to scoff at the Car was designed to let the driver decide the style of driving and performance on the fly With the car dramatically changing its ride with the push of a button

The designers claimed that the car would be able to return to its original shape and form after a collision With the front grille adjusting itself to match the driver’s demands for cooling. The passenger side of the vehicle is completely enclosed while the driver’s portion of the cab is open like a convertible the car has space for Just to passengers which would be closely nestled together in the passenger compartment. The car features massaging seats for passengers in a silent ride.

So that conversations can be had without issue passengers can even ride to their destination without the assistance of a driver as the car is capable of being fully autonomous as Expected pricing for this vehicle would be unreal if it were to be released today The production costs alone would reach well into the millions of dollars. It’s safe to say that this vehicle will likely never see the light of day, but it is certainly an interesting design

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