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5 Amazing things Of Exotic Science Materials

5 Amazing things Of Exotic Science Materials

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Thermochromic paint

Thermochromic Paint is Different from Normal Car Paint. This Paint is made From thermochromic Material. That Material has to make a seriously Amazing Paint from Normal Car Paint. Even though this paint looks normal but Whenever the temperature of this paint goes beyond 30 degrees Or hot water is poured over it So this paint changes its color and the design that is made on this is seen. As soon as the temperature of this color falls below 30 degrees, then its color changes.


This metal made of nickel and titanium is a very rare and strange metal. It’s strange that even when we bend or straighten anything made of Nitinol, it easily turns or becomes straight. But when Nitinol is heated to 75 degrees or put in hot water, it comes back to the previous shape. No matter how much you turn nitinol after heating, it definitely comes in its previous shape. This is called metal memory. This is because whenever anything is made from nitinol and metal, it is heated to 500 degrees. After which it is shaped. So even when nitinol is heated to less than 500 degrees, it takes its former shape, which is quite strange to see.

Non-Newtonian fluid

This material made of cornstarch and water is very strange, which when applied on hand, feels like liquid. But if you punch too hard on it, it turns into something solid like a bead rubber. It is so strong that you can even jump on it. But your feet will not go inside it. But if you stand gently on this fluid, then you will go into it. Many people are stunned by this strange particular of this fluid

Nano coating Material

It is a very different kind of coating material. In the process of this coating, anything is covered with anything thin paint, polish or anything else. Nano coating is a transparent and thin coating which is not visible even after applying to the car or anything else. Cheeses also become waterproof. In many places, it is used to water mobile phones.

Nitrogen triiodide

This material made of iodine and ammonia is very strange and dangerous. iodine and ammonia are not so dangerous but when these two are mixed, then Nitrogen triiodide is formed, which can cause a huge explosion even if it is lightly touched, it is also a dangerous feature of this strange material that if this chemical Light should be killed at the top. Even then it makes a big bang. When he himself is fatal. A scientist lost two fingers and an eye during an experiment with Nitrogen triiodide. So if you get close to this thing, then go with a lot of thinking because if going near it means to feast on the dead.

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